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Taxonomy Code: LV-2400.6350

Programs that are staffed by health care professionals who are licensed to provide primary eye care services including comprehensive eye health and vision examinations; diagnosis and treatment of disease and vision disorders; and prescriptions for glasses, contact lenses, low vision rehabilitation, vision therapy and medications. Optometrists check patient vision using eye charts; measure patient nearsightedness, farsightedness, depth perception and other vision problems using optical instruments; prescribe and fit corrective lenses or other corrective treatments to conserve, improve and correct vision; prescribe training exercises to strengthen weak eye muscles; and counsel patients on contact lens use and care, visual hygiene, lighting arrangements, working distances and safety factors. They may also examine eyes for glaucoma and other diseases and refer patients to ophthalmologists or other physicians and surgeons when ocular or other diseases are found. Optometrists may specialize in fitting visual aids for people who are partially blind, fitting contact lenses or correcting special vision problems.

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