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Helpful Search Tips

How do I find services I need?

There are a few ways to search:

  • Common Searches: This is the recommended search method.  Click on a term like "food bank" to quickly find popular services. You can customize your search by adding your ZIP code.
  • Simple Search: Type what you need (like "food bank") into the search bar. Use general terms ("food" instead of "milk") for more results. Search one thing at a time.
  • Advanced Search: Search for specific topics, locations, or taxonomy codes.
  • Service Tree: Browse categories and click to find detailed services.

Watch a demonstration on how to search the database.

How do I refine my search results?

On the Search Results page, click "Add a location and other properties" to adjust your search. Then click "Update My Results."

How do I find a specific agency or program?

Type the name into the search bar. If it's not there, try using only keywords from the agency name.

How do I find details about agencies and services?

Click on an agency’s name in the search results to see what they offer. Click on the service name for more details.

Can I save my search results?

Yes, create a free account to save resources. Click "My Account" > "Manage my resource groups" > "Create your first group." Name it, describe it, and click "Save Group." You can add resources by visiting a provider's profile page.

Other Ways to Find Help

  • Call 2-1-1
  • Text your zip code to TXT-211 (898-211)
  • Visit 211dupage.gov

Having Trouble Calling 2-1-1?

If your call goes to the wrong 2-1-1:

  • From an agency using internet-based phone systems such as VoIP or SIP: Contact your IT support there may be an issue with the phone system routing three digit calls. Use alternatives: text your zip code to TXT-211 (898-211), call 630-407-6621, or visit 211dupage.gov.
  • From a different location: Your call routes to the nearest 2-1-1. Call from the needed location or use alternatives: text your zip code to TXT-211 (898-211), call 630-407-6621, or visit 211dupage.gov.

If 2-1-1 cannot be dialed from your cell phone:

  • Check your phone settings. Ensure it's connected to your cellular carrier, not Wi-Fi calling. Turn off Wi-Fi calling and retry.
  • If still unable to connect, use the 10-digit number, 630-407-6621, text your zip code to TXT-211 (898-211), or visit 211dupage.gov.