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Buprenorphine Based MAT Programs

Taxonomy Code: RX-8450.5000-100

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) programs that use buprenorphin to help people with an opioid use disorder abstain from or reduce their use of opioids (usually heroin or painkillers such as oxycondin or morphine). Buprenorphine produces a weaker version of effects (including euphoria and respiratory depression) that are associated with full drugs such as heroin and methadone. The effects increase with each dose until at moderate doses they level off, lowering the risk of misuse, dependency and side effects. Treatment occurs in three phases: a medically monitored start-up phase when the patient is in early stages of withdrawal; a stabilization phase after a patient has discontinued or greatly reduced their misuse of the problem drug, no longer has cravings, and experiences few, if any, side effects; and a maintenance phase when a patient is doing well on a steady dose of buprenorphine. The length of time of the maintenance phase is tailored to each patient and could be indefinite. Once an individual is stabilized, an alternative approach would be to go into a medically supervised withdrawal, which makes the transition from a physically dependent state smoother. People then can engage in further rehabilitation—with or without MAT—to prevent a possible relapse. Ideal candidates for opioid dependency treatment with buprenorphine have an opioid use disorder diagnosis, are willing to follow safety precautions for the treatment, have been cleared of any health conflicts with using the drug and have reviewed other treatment options before agreeing to buprenorphine treatment.

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