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Gambling Addiction Residential Treatment Facilities

Taxonomy Code: RM-7000.2500

Programs that provide residential treatment services for people who are unable to control their impulse to gamble in casinos, at the races, with bookies or online in spite of detrimental effects on social, financial and psychological health. Treatment methods commonly employed in gambling treatment centers include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational therapy, Gamblers Anonymous meetings and medication. Antidepressants and mood stabilizers may help problems that often go along with compulsive gambling including depression, obsessive/compulsive disorder or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Some antidepressants may be effective in reducing gambling behavior, and narcotic antagonists that have proved useful in treating substance use disorders may also help treat compulsive gambling. Many inpatient gambling rehabilitation programs also offer group meetings, individual counseling, life skills coaching, credit counseling, and evaluation and treatment for other issues.

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